Bathurst Cosmedical and Skin Clinic

What we do

Please be advised that medical services at our clinic will cease from 28/6/23 until further notice as Dr Alamyar undergoes treatment for a medical issue. If you have a skin lesion of concern or a skin issue of concern please see your GP without delay. Do not postpone seeking treatment.
We apologise for this disruption to our services.

At Bathurst Cosmedical  & Skin Clinic we treat

  •  Varicose veins  by Sclerotherapy and
  • Skin conditions both
    • Malignant and
    • Benign

We offer:

  • Treatments with muscle relaxant agents to smooth dynamic wrinkles (frown lines and crows feet, etc) and reduce excessive sweating.
  • Treatments with skin fillers
  • Treatment for scars

We also:

  • Treat Alopecia
  • Insert and remove Implanon contraceptive rods
  • Surgically treat ingrown toenails
  • Inject joints
  • Remove cysts, lumps, bumps, moles and unsightly skin lesions from anywhere on the skin (including the face).

At Bathurst Cosmedical & Skin Clinic we offer treatments for malignant conditions such as: Melanomas, Squamous cell carcinomas, Basal cell carcinomas, Keratoacanthomas, Hutchinson’s Freckles, DFSP (Dermato Fibro Sarcoma Protuberance). We offer treatments for benign conditions such as: Sunspots (Solar keratosis),  Age spots (Seborrhoeic keratosis), Warts, Skin tags (Papilloma), Moles, Haemangioma (Blood blister), Pyogenic granuloma, Lipoma, Neurofibroma, and Cysts. At Bathurst Cosmedical & Skin Clinic we offer treatments for old or new scars, resulting from accidents or operations, occurring anywhere on the body. Treatment offered is by either surgical excision, punch graft or injection.